My Sitar Weekend in Review

This week, I had the pleasure of playing three sitar concerts in three days. First, on Thursday night, I played with Brazilian sitarist Krucis Khan at OM West in Pointe-Claire. We performed a mix of Indian folk tunes, devotional songs, and Brazilian folk. Krucis also asked me to play a short tabla solo, which was fun. (Sorry, no photos of this concert.)

On Friday, I accompanied sitarist Uwe Neumann at the Presbytere in Val-David. The audience was full of friends and Indian music lovers, which made for a great vibe. We opened with Raag Jhinjhoti, with alap, and gat in vilambit and drut teentaal. We then continued with compositions in Jog and Bhairavi. And, as is Uwe's tradition, we ended with a sansa-tabla improvisation. It seemed that Uwe and I were both well tuned to each other, as we followed each other down numerous new and surprising paths as the ragas progressed. Lots of fun!

Concluding the tihai of sitar concerts, on Saturday, Ragleela had a concert at the Heartroot Farm, out in Audet. It was a beautiful day and the fall colours were out. What a great place to play!


Oh, and did I mention our good news? Ragleela's latest album, Deepchandi bleu, has been nominated for the ADISQ's album of the year, world music category!

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