a collection of rudimental snare drum pieces inspired by the tabla drumming of North India –
a fabulous gateway into North Indian drumming for drummers and percussionists









RUDIMENTAAL is a collection of rudimental snare drum pieces inspired by the tabla drumming of North India – a gateway into North Indian drumming for drummers and percussionists from all backgrounds. In addition to the pieces contained in this text, are explanations of the solo tabla form and the repertoire of which it is comprised, along with exercises and études in order to further develop one's understanding of the compositional forms, rhythmic devices, and performance practices of this rich musical tradition. 

The repertoire is presented in a way similar to how one might learn tabla. First, one learns various compositions from the repertoire as separate items. Each item can be seen as an étude, or a short concert piece for performance. Once enough repertoire is learned, one can then connect the various compositions together to create a fully-formed solo. There are a number of compositions provided, along with instructions for how to piece them together, allowing for numerous possible permutations in designing your own solo snare drum performance based on your repertoire preferences. 

In addition to these shorter compositions that can be used as building blocks for larger pieces, three complete standalone solo pieces are also included: DANCING HANDS, CHESTERMERE & DELHI, and SEVEN BIRDS.

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"I LOVE THIS BOOK!! For all of you western musicians out there who secretly wish you knew how Indian rhythm worked and just don’t know where to start: THIS IS WHERE TO START!!

Shawn Mativetsky has been doing deep, methodical work to create this super accessible book. It’s great for snare drum players, but it’s also for anyone who wants a practical approach to tabla, taught through a western lens. It’s seriously so good."

— Dr. Reena Esmail, composer


"RUDIMENTAAL, while building on Bob Becker’s classic snare drum-tabla solos, breaks down the theory and logic of the Benares tabla gharana, giving students and professionals the opportunity to study the compositions, improvisation theories, and structures of this amazing music and tradition through the medium of snare drum. RUDIMENTAAL is perfect for students and teachers looking to expand their performance and pedagogy to include more improvisation, creativity, and diversity. It is sure to become a staple in my studio!"

— Dr. Justin Alexander, Virginia Commonwealth University


 "An absolute must for your snare drum library."

— Dr. Todd Meehan, Associate Professor of Percussion, Division Director of Instrumental Studies, Baylor University


"Shawn Mativetsky's new snare drum book RUDIMENTAAL is a landmark in the percussive arts. For the first time we have a comprehensive document detailing how to translate the intricacies of North Indian Hindustani tabla drumming into compelling musical ideas on the most foundational of all Western percussion instruments: the snare drum. Connoisseurs of tabla drumming will be impressed with Shawn's accuracy and depth of knowledge. Likewise, those just starting their journey into intercultural musical dialogue will be delighted with his clear explanations and progressive study material. The concluding solos will certainly become standards in the repertoire and the book as a whole will serve as a touchstone for future generations of composers, improvisers, and percussionists."

— Dr. Payton MacDonald, Director of Percussion Studies, William Paterson University