Back in 1998, my Guru, Pandit Sharda Sahai-ji, Caroline Howard Jones, and Dr. Frances Shepherd released an instructional video called Play TablaIt was first released as a VHS and later remastered for DVD. Caroline Howard-Jones (director and script writer) and Conrad Weiskrantz (editor) are now re-launching Play Tabla as a series of short videos, and they are including extra material never seen before. As I always say, there's nothing like learning from the best. Guruji's quality of tone and picture-perfect technique are the examples that we all try to emulate. Though intended for beginners, these videos are truly invaluable for tabla players of any level.

Video 1/15 - Basic bols:


Video 2/15 - GhiGhiTeTe kaida:


Video 3/15 - Additional bols - NA/TA:


Video 4/15 - DhaDhaTeTe kaida:


Video 5/15 - How to tune tabla:

Video 6/15 - On the subject of Improvisation:

Video 7/15 - Fast phrases, for rela:

Video 8/15 - A discussion of taal with Pandit Sharda Sahai-ji:

Video 9/15 - An introduction to Ari Laykari:

Video 10/15 - Kaida #2 in Ari Laykari:

Video 11/15 - Na / Ta on chanti and two more bol phrases for practice:

Video 12/15 - Dha-tirakitataka Kaida:

Video 13/15 - Bedumdar tihais: 

Video 14/15 - Playing 3 over 2, or 1.5x speed:

Video 15/15 - Teentaal theka: